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D. Demetriades, MD, PhD, FACS
Professor of Surgery
University of Southern California
Los Angeles

It is with great pleasure and pride that I see this significant effort by the Cyprus government, many medical and nursing professionals, and private sponsors, to start an organized trauma program in Cyprus. Such a program will be a major contribution to the care of the injured and will result in reduction of deaths, better functional results and cost savings following severe trauma. The first step in the building of a modern trauma center is the creation of a Trauma Registry, which will provide valuable data and guidance regarding medical needs, allocation of resources and planning of quality improvement programs. Dedicated and enthusiastic Cypriot professionals have already been trained in the United States and are ready for this important project, which will make history in medicine in Cyprus.

The Division of Emergency Surgery/Trauma/Surgical Critical Care at the University of Southern California, Los Angeles,  will provide continuous support to this program, especially during the early critical stages. It will include training, help with the trauma registry, guidance for quality improvement and sharing of trauma protocols.  The first protocols and lectures are already on-line, and many more will follow. 

Congratulations again to all those people who worked so hard for this program, the government which had the vision and determination to proceed with this project.